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100 Women Who Care Oxford

Are you someone who is interested in giving back to our community
but you don't have a lot of time to do volunteer work?

In 2015, I started a new chapter of 100 Women Who Care
in Oxford County in order to give back to my community!


What is this Organization?

  • There are 4 – one hour meetings each year
    (last Wednesday in February, May, August & November)
  • At each meeting, 3 members will make a 5 minute presentation about their charity
  • After the presentations, all members will vote by secret ballot
  • The charity receiving the most votes will receive all of the donations
    eg. 100 members x $100 = $10,000 to benefit local programs!!!
  • The charity agrees that the funds will remain in Oxford County
    and that the money will not be used for administrative costs
  • Income tax receipts will be distributed at the next meeting, directly from the charity


By pooling our individual donations,
our group has the ability to make a greater financial impact
upon many charities in Oxford County.

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