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Fees — General

  • The amount of the retainer will vary from case to case, depending upon the number of issues to be resolved and their complexity.
  • Payment may be made by CASH, cheque or electronic funds transfer.
  • Legal Aid, credit cards & debit are NOT accepted.
  • Fees for consultations and intake appointments are payable up front.
  • Following the initial consultation or intake, all clients are required to sign either a Retainer Agreement or an Agreement to Mediate.

Consultations vs. Intake Sessions

A consultation is an information session. I will answer any questions which you may have about any of the services I provide and my fees.

If you have questions about Mediation, you and your partner may attend a joint consultation. Otherwise, if you are not interested in pursuing Mediation, consultations are conducted on an individual basis, with only one of you.

At the intake session for Mediation, I will conduct a mandatory screening to determine if your case is appropriate for Mediation. If your case proceeds, then a formal retainer arrangement is made at the first joint session.

At the intake session for Negotiations or Collaborative Family Law, I will obtain the necessary information from you about your situation. If your case proceeds, then a formal retainer arrangement is made at the conclusion of that first appointment.

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