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I understand that separation is a time of transition for all members of your family. You, your partner and your children may be experiencing feelings of loss, anger, anxiety or guilt. Suddenly, your life as you know it, is in turmoil.

I know I can help you get beyond this difficult period in your life.

  •  In my experience, separation and divorce does not have to be nasty.
  •  It doesn’t have to be so hard on your children.
  •  It doesn’t have to bankrupt you, or take forever to get resolved.

Besides going to court, there are other ways to resolve the issues after separation.

Yes, you do have choices.

I am pleased to offer the following alternative services to the court process:

These options are also available to those who are already in the court process, but desperately want their case resolved.

Without ever stepping inside a courtroom, I can also help you and your former partner change an existing separation agreement or court order.

After 25 years in practice, I have seen first hand how destructive the court process can be upon all members of the family, especially the children.

So why not consider one of these other alternatives?

My experience tells me

family matters should

be resolved privately...

rather than being

fought out in a


– Kelly Edmonds

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