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The Benefits of Mediation

Family Mediation offers a healthier approach to separation:

  • It minimizes the impact of the separation upon the children
  • Couples can save on legal fees
  • The process is less stressful and much quicker than going to court
  • The family's privacy is respected
  • Mediation promotes family wellness and healing
  • The focus is cooperation and better communication, not conflict
  • It eliminates the uncertainty of going to court

My Role as The Mediator

As a mediator, I CANNOT give either party any LEGAL advice, even though I am a lawyer. You are however free to consult with your own lawyers if you require legal advice. Remember, I do not represent either one of you. As the Mediator, it is not my job to take sides. However, I can guide both of you through the process by providing access to basic legal information. Also, if you get stuck on an issue, I can draw upon my experience to offer some suggestions for resolution which have worked for other families in the past.


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Going to court
is expensive.

The courts are

often backlogged,

and the process

invites more conflict.

– Kelly Edmonds

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